Monday, December 17, 1990

Oh and it was a good friday.

I dressed as a tourist perhaps. Strolled to the Cross Keys for lunch and seeing the objects. Paul had a pair of crab claws that he had found on the beach. Rob had a damning school report. Adrien had a model car with special effects. Steve had a series of memories. The Cross Keys didn't actually have any beer at all, apart from a couple of ales. Their cooling system broke. We saw some nice postcards of The Maltings. Then a gentle stroll into town, out of town again, back into town, and down to go sit in the garden of the LRL. This was where we spent most of the day. Paul asks Steve if his parents were brother and sister. Lisa goes for a walk. Shaihan and Frank and Chikin Boy turn up. Lou Carpy gets vegan pesto. Sure more happens. Hmmm. Up to the H&H. Folofol. Unwins. Energy Drink. Gokan, go! yes then down Alma road, to the beehive, young AND special, temujin arrive, return of anna hell but not of shaihan who has gone, and emily and becky and camilier and steve has lost his lovely flowing ginger hair, all gone, ready to be sold, and instead a thin coating, and lizzie, and they are to go to india on tuesday, and more of the beehive, and we saw Fido, he now works for st albans observer, and still in the bee hive and then outside and the big wall and we go to the flat i step on things i think i left my hat there ? and yet