Friday, September 05, 2008

let sleeping blogs lie

Heck, I love a bad pun. But there is something pretty sad about an abandoned blog. Not to mention the fact that if you read someone's blog, and then they just suddenly stop posting, you start worrying about them, right? "My goodness. I sure hope they're still alive."

Well, at least this one trailed off rather than ended suddenly. Whimper not bang.

I keep thinking about starting it up again. Each time I just have a lack of faith that I'll actually keep it up. We shall see.

Plus if I look back through the archives (it's a pretty handy way of remembering what happened when) it's a whirling bundle of excitement. Was it all so much more exciting back then? Or does it just seem so in retrospect? I have rose tinted eyes in the back of my head.

A lot of things have happened. It's the end of summer, I think. I bought a book of Old English Customs (in an attempt to re-capture my Englishness after a discussion in Scotland that the Scots, Irish, Welsh, Cornish, etc seem so much more aware of their regional identity than the English. Except for Morris Dancing.) and was filled with melancholy. All the best bits are the "Sumer is icumen in, Lhude sing cuccu!" rituals of the arrival of the May. Last year we went up to Hollingbury Hill Fort at dawn on the first day of May to watch the Morris Men dance in the summer. It was incredible. Shivering on top of a hill with a bunch of weary morris men and a fire, and then they danced as dawn broke and sang in the summer. And then they all wandered into town to get loads of breakfast and dance around town until they collapsed. Coarse coarse men.

So, in a way, it's the opposite of that now. September has sulked its way in with a flurry of rain, slumped like a damp umbrella in the corner.

The summer itself has had its ups and downs. Late august has always seemed a dangerous time. "It's always the dangerous time."

So we shall see. I'm not going to even start trying to fill in everything that has happened. Let's see what Autumn brings.