Friday, July 31, 2009

Okay, here goes nothing...

Right. Here goes.

So today is the final day of July. And originally it was going to be a new August revolution, although tomorrow is also Pride so I might actually go and get drunk in the park with the gays tomorrow, and start the revolution shortly after. To be honest, it's more a resolution than a revolution.

Now firstly a bit of a preamble/disclaimer. I am not Stephen King. I did not kill John Lennon. I haven't finished reading On Writing by Stephen King yet, but one of the things that stood out for me from this (other than Stevie being v. defensive about being labelled as a 'popular writer') is his; "People say 'do you only write when the muse visits you'? I say yes. I do. And the muse visits me between 9am and 5pm, monday to friday."

Now that's all very well, Stevie. And to be fair to him, he writes a bloody darn lot. At some other point if I get the time I'll get into the awful situation that faces Stevie K - the fact that it's 20 years since he wrote The Stand, and he's never going to get even close to writing anything even half as good. I haven't read The Stand.

So, anyway. Revolutions.

I neither have the time or the money to flirt with the muse as much as Stevie does, but I also have a bit more time than I currently set aside to actually writing. So here's the plan. Come august (proper), there's going to be a good deal less of the smokin' and the booze. (Again, S.K. doesn't even remember writing Cujo, he was so whacked up on goofballs. Well, fine. I don't even remember reading Cujo.)

And this is where I bite the bullet where my mouth is. This is the target, sir. One piece a week. Not much, to be fair. Let's clarify that. One GOOD piece a week. A poem or a story. I'm only allowed to cop out and do a 4 line poem... rarely.

I know it's not the best place to be posting these, given that it's a vintage blog that's fallen into disrepair and I never really come back to visit, but until I can teach myself all the advances in webdesign that have happened since 1999, I don't really know if I can teach myself to make a better website. So yes. On here. From August. And please do send me abuse if I let things slide.