Monday, September 25, 2006


flat animal
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It has been a thorny month. Each time the sun blazes we declare that it is the last sunny day of the year and hope to savour it. Now all I want to do is sit in my new house in an attempt to get my money's worth.

August - September in Thousands

- Twenty thousand words
- Six thousand pounds
- Walking fifty thousand feet
- A thousand miles of cock

It wasn't all writing and boxes and money, sure. A delightfully tranquil boat trip down the river Arun in the deflating Marine Patrol 3000. Sitting on a wall eating cheese-slices and coleslaw sandwiches. Going out for Yukata and Chi-hu. Roof! Boat!

We have a lovely new house. It was actually worth the cupfuls of blood and sweat and hair that were expended in getting it.

I have lots more to say, I am sure. Oh, death. Won't you spare me over for another year. Tasting sessions. Truffle oil. The rarest beer in the UK (allegedly). Deep-frying a half of cider. Denouncing Salman Rushdie as a "poor man's Anne Frank".

I want to write a column about birds for a free Brighton magazine. It's going to be called "Bird Page".