Monday, June 26, 2006

summer sunrise solstice celebration

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how busy we all are these days

the "becoming more effective" clutched tightly in my hand

busy having fun, busy working, busy trying to do something

We spent six days at the Summer Sunrise Solstice Celebration. These are some of the things that happened:

cycling with a swollen finger collapsing bicycle lock and useless bag for a crab-suited interview and Jed's name blazoned on the wall I left and the chemist gradually brought the swelling down and then a sojourn back in bed with mushrooms on toast leading to a rushed shopping trip and dividing (daniel taylor calling the night before with a dog called peaches held lovingly in his hand) and TOOL and finally without camera but meltdown and maya holding her festival folofel for a journey with freshly cooked asparagus and a nice glass of white wine and my tent full of cold acid and eating crisps at fareham with national anthems ringing in my head

finally on the bus which is an old double decker bus and then suddenly climbing the hill in the sunshine and alice with glass of cider recklessly held as if she is at the animal fair, putting up tents and a scurry into town averted by the arrival of henry and lots of waiting and smoking at the crossroads when beefy occurs and eventually after a stroll down a country road past some sewage works henry appears and finally a pint of ale and my phone goes off as the messenger (earlier maya spread soft cheese on pitta bread with cucumber and we were condemned to find more cucumber) and nick and anna hell and george and russell arrive more wanderings and [gap] the morning it is one of the most hot days I think at this point and under the beating sun we find a large conical shelter. george and alex rival their competing flurries of tight clothing and I think me and nick just wore what we normally wear and (anna is blue) somehow we lose everyone and caught up in a flurry of introspection (earlier daniel taylor arrives on a horse drawn carriage) and gazing into each others dilated eyes

before we sit under the spiralling (stocking) furniture and torturous anecdotes tell themselves in as rapid a manner as possible with barrymore "I'm feeling very sociable; more sociable than usual). a distinct absence of baebes.

so the middle bit is kind of a distorted flurry and I think we buy cider in wine bottles from a man who has made vegetarian sausages from cheese and we see a turkey and all sorts of wee little chickens and hens

still no sign of alan. still no sign of alan. the third night I fall asleep. jed still hasn't seen any football. fleeting glimpses of maya but she is moving too fast. we see various bands at some point, most notably including some teenage rock kids called durban poison who are cross that no-one is joining in the teenage rocking and some people called the bloody maries who have their good moments but they are all too infrequent and then INSTILL who are incredible and thoroughly make the day (and if you've seen 70 hippies moshing on ketamine then that's sort of what I mean). bless the metal kids. it was thoroughly incredible

by the time it gets cold poof is still dressed as a french maid and he fashions some impromptu trousers out of a set of two jumpers sleeves enfolding his legs but one of them is a hoodie and when he goes for a poo it falls into the hood. this was a difficult moment.

henry serenades us with his multi-faith songs and still no sign of alan. the hunger breaks are running out

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

It`s actually quite interesting. We all think that robbie is a bi-sexual hip-hop artist with piles.

So Jed has of late become a fan of different sorts of tea. Black tea, white tea, green tea, herbal tea. He has been sampling the eclectic delights of different teas available to him.

However his latest purchase is possibly the most unusual of all. This substance is known as Meno Tea, and the advice on the back suggests that unless you are 'a woman of a certain age' it is inadvisable to drink this tea, as it may affect hormone production.

Jed insists that he bought the tea believing it somehow relates to Meno (in a Greek philosophy) sense of the word, and yet is still sipping it down with scant regard for his hormones.

* * *

The weather has been beautiful (well, hot... there seems to be a difference between these words in both official and colloquial usage) and the weekend has been a flurry of either cursing the indoor-nature of my job or sitting on my roof / the beach drinking gin and tonic.

Things have been busy; often a complicated flurry to do two things at once. Early June is Birthday Season. Maya "Your baby has the same birthday as Daniel Freakin' Taylor" Semray should be able to tell me exactly who has been celebrating their birthdays over the last nine days.

I found myself wearing Kangaroo Boots and a tailcoat and following some cloaked chanting breakcore kids in a flaming-torch-led procession through Brighton on the 6th of June (the 6/6/6, it would seem), down to the Concorde where the Grand Master Fittin' Trampled Horse Jacker himself, the Venetian Snares played some of his delicately filthy pounding breakcore. Followed by Scotch Egg so as I took a big run up with the kangaroo boots and we converted Tom's potato gun into a sponge blunderbuss and ... horrible bloodshed and carnage ensued.

I already have a reputation for falling asleep in my workplace (thankfully when not at work). Oh well, I thought, at least things can't get any worse.

Yes they can. I managed to fall asleep on top of my boss the other day. We were on a bus and as the bus turned a corner Anna tumbled off into the aisle and I was in grave danger of falling off somewhere so Karen (my boss) came to steady me. And I fell asleep on her.

I'm going to go see TOOL tonight. Hopefully I'll find myself in a field tomorrow morning all blacked up sitting behind a tent with a set of fabric paints painting a spiralling red and black design on the tent

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Wonga Bonga Land

Desperate Dan - Racist
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Nicky P, thank god one of us finally got round to uploading this incredible Desperate Dan story. Nick offers a brief summary of events leading up to the final denoument.

This is from the Dandy Annual 1981, the year I was born. Old!