Friday, October 10, 2008

... feverish

Mark Bellinghaus
Originally uploaded by Dolores Luxedo
Don't normally get ill. Always been quite smug about having a SOLID STEEL constitution and years without a sickday. Soldiered on for a week or so not being able to eat anything more substantial than peanuts and chocolate and drink anything healthier than stout. with the belief that I had recovered simply for the reason I could eat again I said "god, if I ever get ill again I might take some time off work, rest..."

I don't think I was really any more well... been feverish and my ear swelled up to twice its normal size - all red and twisted out of shape. had a couple of days off work and been wandering in and out of sleep. The doctor stuffed me full of antibiotic and told me never to wear an ear-ring ever again. back at work today still loaded with antibiotic and little apple-shaped vitamin c apples.

checkuser. I need to find a new hobby.

other than that I seem to have been sucked into creating a papier mache theme night or something along those lines - and becoming deeply sucked into party politics intrigue - I think it started with the labour party conference and have since been avidly studying every piece of credit crunch solution, as well as watching videos on the internet of tony arguing with michael howard in 1990. is that cool?